Travel Photography Tips to Make You an Expert

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What’s travel without some amazing photos to make your friends jealous? Whenever I travel, I make sure to take as many photos as possible, mainly because I’m a hobbyist photographer. You don’t have to take photos of course, but they are a great way to immortalize your experiences and memories while in a different country among a different people.

If I’ve convinced you to take more photos on your next trip, or if you’re just bored and would like to read about how I take travel photos, please continue.

Reach Out to the People

Before I start clicking that shutter button like a maniac, I talk to the locals. I learn about their lives, their cultures, what’s important to them and what’s not. This process will give you a much better understanding of a place than reading about it somewhere ever will. This will also inspire you to make photos a certain way that highlights the place’s culture and its people.

Roam the Streets

In continuation to the point above, you need to go out and just walk about. See the different parts of the city you’re in. Go to the streets, the markets, the museums. Look for things that stand out, and things that seem unimportant. Take photos of all these things. Look closely, look carefully. Most of the time while doing this, you’ll find something that sticks out and has some meaning to it that most people would fail to see.

Try Different Methods

Photography is about experimentation and evolution. Expand your skills by trying new things. Each different subject can be enhanced in your photos through different styles. A portrait might look great in black and white, but you might need to take an HDR shot for the amazing architecture that you see.

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Shoot in RAW

If you want your travel photos to stand out, then shoot in RAW like I do. This has many benefits, the most obvious one being that RAW files can be edited non-destructively in a RAW image editor. What this means is that you can finalize the actual look of your photos later on and don’t have to worry about getting it exactly perfect in-camera. White balance, exposure, saturation, noise and much more can be easily tweaked this way.


So! There you have it. Some great tips for all you aspiring travel photographers out there. These are all things that I’ve tried and tested myself, so be confident in what has been said (and read) here and go forth with your photographic pursuits.