Cost effective ways to travel abroad

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Most of us like to travel. Even if we don’t, we may do it for spouse and kids. However tours are costly. Those exotic abroad locations are costlier. More grandeur would mean more costs. A group of 4-5 endures unexpected expenses. Solo travellers have a completely different headache. Lot of countries follows single room system instead of room for one. We cannot avoid tours considering the costs. We cannot let the time fly cause of the concern for money. Here is a list of working tips on saving tour expenses on your next trip.

  • Flexible with flights is a nice approach to save on travel costs. Be ready to accept a few more stops in your journey. If you can, choose midweek instead of weekend to fly. These small savings accounts to a lot, when you travel in a group.
  • Off season travel is a neat way to cut down on costs. Off season rates on hotels, attractions and activities are a lot lesser. In some countries, the off season budget comes to half of the on season budget.
  • Alternate hotel option is your ticket to save on hotel bills. Try spending the night at some family run guesthouse. Check for any house sit options available to you. Do not stay at big brand hotels, unless you are in a dire need.
  • Pack for emergencies when you leave your home. Things which you dint think will be needed is what you will need the most. Always pack your first aid kit, especially when you have children travelling with you.
  • Public WiFi is there to be used. Do not shy from making calls using public WiFi. Cellular rates can go deep in your pockets when you are abroad. Use FaceTime Audio, Skype Calling and WhatsApp instead.